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Tettenhall Wood Photographic Club, The Institute, Wood Road, Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton, WV6 8NF


Next up for our Member Exhibitions at Wolverhampton Central Library is ‘A Tale Of Two Potys’ by Franco Colabella & Paul Weston. You can see a selection of their prints at the top of the marble stairs on the first floor until Saturday November 26th.


A special thanks to our guest speaker last night, Warren Alani, who reminded us to take photos for ourselves as well as the judges! A great night was had by all with some wonderful prints shown.

Carrying on with our Member Exhibitions at Wolverhampton Library, this time its the turn of Sylvia Evans & Terry Hawkins. You can see a selection of their prints at the top of the marble stairs on the first floor until Saturday October 8th.


If any of you didn’t manage to get hold of The Wolverhampton Magazine in July, it has now been reproduced on our site. Click here: W-ton Magazine to take a look.


Dave & Gay Ormerod, long time members of the club, who also serve on the committee and are the driving force behind our Biennial Exhibition, now have their images on display at The Central Library, at the top of the marble stairs, till Monday 8th August.


It's congratulations to three of our members,Neil Kingsbury, Paul McKenzie & Paul Weston, who today received notification from Dave Coates the UK FIAP Liason Officer, that their distinction application has been successful. This means they can now place the letters AFIAP after their name, in recognition of the success they've achieved in International competitions.

On behalf of all three of us, a big thanks must go out to John White who has helped & guided us through this tedious & complicated process.


Our next member to have an Exhibition of their work on display at Wolverhampton Central Library, is, John White. The display, entitled ‘In Foreign Fields’ is a collection  of photographs of the battlefields & cemeteries of The First World War. The pictures, which were taken in Belgium & France over the last few years, depict the peace & tranquility that now replaces the carnage of 100 years ago.

You can view the Exhibition from June 13th to July 4th by going in through the main entrance & up the marble stairs.

Watch out for more displays from other members of our club in the near future.


There is now a copy available to download, of our events during the summer season. Click here to see what's going on.


Our presentation evening was held on Tuesday, so, here are the award winners from the night:

Presentation Evening


Our very own Mike Bradshaw has currently on display at Wolverhampton Central Library his’One Man Show’ containing a selection of prints from his years as one of our best and most loved photographers.

The show is available to view till the 13th May and below are a couple of photos to wet your appetite:



Just a reminder, as they go pretty quickly, that Photography News, John brings in each month, is now available digitally for desktop, tablet or smartphone for free each month. Visit photography-news.co.uk/register and each month you will be sent a link to view the newspaper as soon as it’s published.


All the results from the first round of the Print Competition are now online for you to view, as is, a load of acceptances in National and International competitions from this weekend alone from places such as Cairo, Bosnia & Herzegovina and more exotic places like Shrewsbury, Guernsey & Dingwall! There’s still more to come so keep your eyes on the external exhibition pages.


Wednesday the 30th September is the first of series of Studio Nights looking at the art of portrait photography.

This first evening deals with that amazing programme in your camera called 'MANUAL SETTINGS' rarely used but essential in studio photography. BRING YOUR OWNERS MANUALS WITH YOU. For the "first timers" a separate area at the Institute will be available to guide you through your camera settings before jumping in at the deep end. You are guaranteed a fun evening and will take home more knowledge of your camera and some super photos. Look forward to seeing you Wednesday. Introduction to your camera starts at 7.30pm. Studio shoot starts at 8.00pm. To help cover costs of room hire and model fees there will be a small charge of £4.00 per person. Roy Jevons (Studio Secretary).


Although it’s been our summer season break, there has been no let up for our National & International Exhibitors. Neil Kingsbury has just received his BPE1* accreditation & Janet Griffiths is now a BPE3*…well done to both.

Take a look on our External Exhibition page at recent acceptances from, New York, Argentina, Serbia, Turkey, Slovakia, England, China, Russia, Czech Republic & Egypt; And if your interested in entering Nationally or Internationally, have a word with John either at the club or via the contacts page.


Although our main season is over, we still have our National and International entrants strutting their stuff in the external exhibitions. Go here to see acceptances from India & Bosnia & Herzegovina including a first Gold Medal for one of our members.

We still have the summer season to look forward to, click here: Summer Season for programme details


As you all know the first print competition of the season is on 7th October. To reiterate and expand on what was mentioned at last nights meeting with regards to entries, there are two key points to keep in mind:

1. All thumbnails submitted to the competition secretary must be in the same format as you would normally send for a PI competition  (see, preparing for competition, on the Resources page for details).

The thumbnails are used for, amongst other things, uploading on to the website if the print is placed in a competition, and as a memory aid when selecting candidate prints for battles.

I'm afraid if we do not receive your thumbnails correctly, we will not be able to upload the images.

2. On the evening of the competition all prints must be handed in by 7:10pm on the understanding that anything that arrives between 7:10 and 7:30 will be processed IF WE HAVE THE TIME. Anything that
arrives after 7:30 will be excluded irrespective of what section they are in. This is to ensure that all received prints are cross checked against entered thumbnails, titles etc and that if any member says they’re entering but doesn’t turn up on the night, they do not get awarded a point unduly.

If anymore clarification is needed please contact the competition secretary or myself.

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